*Please note- the vet will be out, Feb. 21-23- PAWS will be unable to provide vaccination services at this time. Please see vet list at bottom of page for immediate help.*

Every dog and cat over three months of age must have a current vaccination against rabies in Rutherford County, TN.

Rabies vaccines are available at PAWS for $15, and includes the license. Typically rabies vaccines are given Monday through Thursday, from 12 - 4pm and Fridays 12 - 2pm, when a veterinarian is available. Many times the veterinarian is in later than the provided hours- It is always best to call ahead before bringing your pet in for their vaccination. A list of other local vets is below.

-Click here for Local Vets List-

Why is this Necessary?

Rabies is transmitted by the saliva of infected mCopy this Pageammals, primarily dogs, cats, skunks, raccoons, and bats. There have been isolated cases of rabid cows and horses. If untreated, it is FATAL to humans. The treatment for a bite by a rabid animal is long and painful. An unvaccinated animal that is bitten by a rabid animal should be destroyed. An unvaccinated animal that bites a human will likely be destroyed in order to test for rabies. Nearly all of the animal that test positive for rabies in Rutherford County are skunks, which are being driven out of their normal habitat by development. IF YOU SEE A SKUNK OUT IN THE DAYTIME, LEAVE IT ALONE (IT IS PROBABLY RABID) AND CALL 898-7740. Racoons are beginning to show up in Eastern Tennessee with a new strain of rabies that may lead to increased cases of rabies among cows and horses. At least once a year the Rutherford County Veterinarians offer rabies shots for a discounted rate during the "Rabies Clinic Week." Call your local veternarian for a schedule.